About us

Hello! I am Xin, and welcome to my little shop of stationery goodies.

When I was six years old, I thought paper that looked good must taste yummy too, so I used to put bits of paper in my mouth to see how it tasted. If you’d like to know, I found out that exercise book covers didn’t taste good, white paper fared better, and tissue paper was just plain soggy. (Please don’t try this at home!)

I also loved spending hours browsing the stationery aisles of bookstores. One of my favourites was the Japanese stationery haven at Isetan KLCC, filled with papers and notebooks and pens I’ve never come across anywhere else. Sadly, throughout the years, the section became smaller through every revamp, till what was left were a few meagre racks.

Years later, I went to study in Osaka and in Melbourne, Australia and it was there I found an abundance of beautiful stationery in all forms imaginable. What amazed me was how functional these exquisite objects were as I always thought work stationery was uniformly drab. I spent most of my savings on these items to turn my own workspace into a prettier, brighter space.

That was when I thought of starting Petit Paper. I want to share these beautiful things I found from all around the world!

We only keep a certain quantity of each product in stock. If you find something you like and it’s out of stock, just email us at hello@petitpaper.com¬†and we will let you know once it becomes available again.